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Recitals & Practice

Student Recitals

School-Age Students

Recitals will be given two times per year: once in December and once in May

At the Academy for the Arts, we consider recital performance an essential element in the development of our talent. The recital is also a wonderful opportunity for friends and family to celebrate what the students have learned, and an affirming time for the students themselves.


For these reasons, student participation in the recital is a requirement for the overall artistic experience. The student prepares a specific piece(s) assigned by their teacher, to be performed from memory. The recital date is posted at the beginning of the term to give family and friends plenty of time to calendar the event. There are no excused absences, and failure to participate will jeopardize the student’s continuation at AFTA.

Recital Week is part of payable tuition and fees; however, recitals take the place of lessons. Any lesson taught during recital season is considered a makeup lesson. 

Click here to view more information about Recital Season.


Adult Students

Adult Share Recitals are also offered twice a year: once in December and once in May. Participation is strongly encouraged, but not required. If you would like to participate in recital, please notify your teacher.



Regular practice is an essential element in refining musical and artistic talents. In order to receive the full benefit of instruction, the student is expected to practice daily the same amount as the lesson time. For example, if a student has a 30-minute lesson, then they should practice a minimum of 30 minutes each day.


Practice Hints for Parents

  • Sit down with your child and look at his/her schedule. Choose a set time every day for practice. Encourage students to honor this time.

  • Provide a practice setting free of distractions such as TV, phone, personal electronics, or interruptions from siblings.

  • Check your child’s assignment log at the beginning of the week to see the teacher’s comments and assignments for the week.

  • Check on your child’s progress throughout the week. Make sure he/she has accurately recorded the amount of practice time each day.

  • Make sure your child finishes any written assignments and is prepared for each lesson/class.

  • Teachers will make practice recommendations based on the individual student’s needs.

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