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Making music together. Directed by AFTA faculty.


Chamber Ensembles

AFTA Chamber Ensembles create a positive environment in which students associate and make new friends with talented young musicians who share their excitement about music. This program is designed for students with intermediate to advanced level skills. Students explore the finer nuances of playing with others to result in a beautifully polished performance. Ensembles are open to all areas of study and are coached weekly by our faculty in a wide range of repertoire.

There is a minimum number of students required for each ensemble. AFTA reserves the right to cancel or postpone a class if this minimum is not met. Fees may be charged for music and/or materials needed during the session. For scheduling and more information, please contact us. 

Chamber Ensembles are offered for strings, winds, brass, percussion, and more. Included are weekly coaching sessions with AFTA instructors, free rehearsal space to match lesson length as part of lesson instruction, and recital participation. For tuition and other information, contact us.

Additional Seasonal Opportunities

Students grades 9 – 12 have the opportunity to play alongside professional musicians with the First Baptist Church of Asheville Orchestra throughout the year. For more information, contact us.

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